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Information Technology


Government and commercial organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on critical computer systems and technology-centric infrastructures that support business activities and capabilities. As such, these environments are becoming more susceptible to malicious attacks from both internal and external threats. HCP is the missing link; we provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability to our customers by applying Cyber Security expertise directed by legal policy, guidance, and regulation. 

HCP remains at the forefront of Cyber Security implementation, operations, and support services. Our diverse team of Cyber Security professionals have thousands of hours experience in each Cyber Security category including: Security Testing & Evaluation, Computer Network Defense, Information Assurance Policy & Governance, and Operational Cyber Security Assessment. Our vigilant boundary defense approach ensures that threat agents and risk triggers are mitigated and prevented before the opportunity of exposure occurs. HCP champions proactive solutions that decrease schedules, resource utilization, and cost, while simultaneously improving Cyber Security posture for any organization across the globe.
HCP offers the following Information Assurance and Cyber Security Services:
Compliance with Federal standards to include:DIACAP, NIST, CNSS, and FISMA

Application security including web and mobile application securityContinuous Monitoring Strategies
  • System Security Engineering         
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Vulnerability Management
  • Security Architecture                     
  • Risk Management                           
  • Incident Response
  • Forensic Alalysis
  • Host Based Security Services (HBSS)

HCP provides AMX Programming and Video Telecommunication
Communications Support and Repair Services; performing engineering,installation and repair services as required. Special qualifications include:

-AMX ACE Control System Expert                    -AMX ACE RMS Enterprise Expert
-AMX ACE Media Management Expert             -AMX Enova Solutions Certified
-Biamp-Audia Certificate of Achievement        -Polycom HDX Certification
-Polycom MGC 50/100 Maintainer Certified     -Proven Past performance with 
-Freeport Multi-Domain Network Switch           Secure Videon Conferencing
 Certification                                                         and Command and Control Systems
                                                                                                                                                                                           -Freeport Multi-Domain Network Switch           -PMP Project Management Certified
 Certification                                                       -Certified Technology Specialist- General
-NSCA Advanced Sound Design Certified       -Certified Technology Specialist- Installation
-Certified Technology Specialist- Design         




pdf iconCyber Attack Hardening Guide