Global Solutions For Information Technology, Security and Medical Logistics Operations

 DoD Support

HCP provides comprehensive, realistic, and affordable training and solutions for military organizations, their staff and mission requirements.  We currently provide global training support solutions for U.S. Military and their Allies through the Center  for Civil Military Relations, Naval Post Graduate School, US Army South, Fort Sam Houston, Air Force Network Integration Center, Scott Air Force Base, and others.

Our purpose is to support Department of Defense military organizations in their training for global and strategic mission requirements, and help prepare military organization to support disaster relief operations at home and abroad.  Our training and IT solutions fully prepare soldiers and their supporting staffs to function, fight, and win on the C4ISR environment.  We provide solutions so that warfighters can focus on their core mission and values.

                                          Network Administration                                      System Administration
                                          Information Security                                            Information Assurance
                                          Systems Development                                         Portfolio Management
                                          Enterprise Architecture                                       Asset Management
                                          Quality Assurance
                                               Software Design and Development
                                          Infrastructure Management